Electronic Product Design and Development

Librotech - Electronic Product Design and Development
You are looking for a developer to create your own product or contract manufacturing? Librotech can help you.

What does your own product?

  • The maximum margins - you can decide whether you share the profits with resellers and distributors or sell directly.
  • Full control of the product functionality - you can add an important function for a particular customer.
  • Control of the quality and cost of the product - you define and adjust the price-performance ratio, if necessary.
  • Ownership technology - You obtain complete set of technologies, provides you opportunity to create other products and services.

How we create the electronic device for you ?

  • Preliminary analysis.
  • Writing and approval statement of work.
  • Structural scheme development of the device or the entire system.
  • Selection and ordering of components.
  • Principals scheme development.
  • Elaboration of the elements construction and the interface elements.
  • Designing circuit boards.
  • Writing firmware for the microprocessor.
  • Assembling and prototypes testing.
  • Debugging the program.
  • Production and operational documentation design.
  • Testing and certification.


Each project has individual characteristics. Sometimes some steps are missing or repeated many times. However, when it comes to designing the hardware from scratch, the scheme accurately reflects the road map, which is used in the electronics development.

What do you get when the project is finished ?

  • Not less than 4 prototypes of the developed device.
  • Schematic diagram and printed circuit Board of the device in original formats.
  • GERBER files for ordering printed circuit boards.
  • Bill of materials and specifications.
  • Assembly drawing.
  • Source codes of the microprocessor software and the binary image for the production.
  • Instructions for the production.
  • Operational documentation.
  • Technical specification, test reports and other supporting documents created during the development process.
  • Ownership of all sources.
What next ?

Developer job is not limited to the design and does not end with the stsrt of mass production.
During the technical support we :
  • Reduce the cost of components and сhoose more modern analogues.
  • Help our customers to launch the mass production.
  • Improve device functions.
  • Carry out the consulting in the emergency situations.
  • Research the device work in the specific conditions.
  • Help with the selection of printed circuit boards and components suppliers.

Make a request online, we will contact you as soon as possible and answer all questions.