Schematic Diagrams and Printed Circuit Board Design

Librotech - Schematic Diagrams and Printed Circuit Board Design
High-quality design of new electronic products requires serious immersion in the scope of future devices. However, it is impossible to be competent in each narrow fields of electronics.

The greatest experience in the development of electronic devices we have accumulated in the following areas:

Dispatching of mobile objects

With the help of GLONASS-GPS and GSM/GPRS we have created different monitoring systems for cars, people,river transport and dangerous goods.

Industrial automation

We have created some devices for the automated data processing from sensors industrial machinery.

Autonomous low power controllers

We have experience in building power supply schemes with high efficiency.We've created the algorithms of the various sleep modes and intelligent charging.

The metering of electric power

We know all the common protocols of the survey electricity meters and we can build centralized client-server systems.

Security and access control

The peculiarities of working with fire detectors, the reservation channels of delivery alarm messages,a secure radio channel- these are some aspects of development this series.

GSM/GPRS modems and terminals

The experience in creating channel-forming GSM/GPRS equipment provides us an uninterrupted work in the commercial operation.

Radio modems and remote controls 433/868 MHz

We have experience in creating mesh-net, miniature radio sensors, remote controls and other radio devices in the unlicensed frequency range.

The inertial navigation devices

We've learned working with modern solid-state accelerometers and gyroscopes and we've become familiar with the algorithms for calculating the position in space.

Car alarms system

We correspond with the interference immunity standards. We know all the aspects of working with main electric devices and sensors in the car.

Some features of the work of our engineers:
  • Signal integrity analysis and simulation analog and digital circuits.
  • Thermal analysis.
  • Creating a 3D design model.
  • Requirements for the design documentation and library components are agreed with the customer.

All designed in our laboratory devices are prepared for mass production.

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