Сomplicated process, driven to perfection.

About Us 

Librotech provides professional electronic design services since 2009.
We have worked on over 100 projects for customers in the automotive, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries.
Our areas of expertise include:
  • RF and analog circuit design
  • power electronics
  • instrumentation
  • printed circuit board design,
  • embedded software design
  • mechanical engineering

Our laboratory is located in Orel and has all the necessary equipment for the professional development of hardware and software products.

We understand how it is important for the customer to know how we spent his money and time. At the stage of formation commercial offers, we provide a detailed calculation of all of our project costs and also we show the amount of money which we plan to earn themselves.

A detailed schedule of works for each project-this is the basis for successful project completion. We prepare such schedules in the form of a Gantt chart which shows the amount of work,the sequence and the specific results for each individual operation.

Maintaining the secrecy of ideas,which our customers discuss with us-this is the main rule of our work. We consider that all the information is confidential since we start to work with our customers.

We believe that for each tasks should be selected the optimal decision.Optimality in electronics- it's the ratio of functionality, price and power consumption.

Technics and electronics - is the sphere where everything is clear, accurately and  truly.
We are used to working this way: honestly and transparently and these are main principles of our company.
We're looking for the partners and customers who appreciate it and work as clear as we do.
We will be glad to be your partner!